Name: Narivi Roblero
Position: Co-Coordinator
Year: Junior
Majors: Computer Science and Information Science
What I love About CS: CS is not a subject normally taught in school, so I love when students try it out for the first time and realize how fun it can be!

Name: Emmy Whitford
Position: Co-Coordinator
Year: Junior
Majors: Economics, Advertising/Public Relations (minoring in Computer Science)

What I love About CS: I love problem solving and I love that in computer science, every programmer has their own unique approach to it. Studying CS gives you an extensive and flexible toolset that can be applied to almost all other field’s problems.

Name: Megan Barker
Position: Co-Coordinator
Year: Junior
Majors: Computer Science, Anthropology
What I love About CS: What I love most about Computer Science is its versatility. You can use it to create anything you can imagine, and there is so much potential to use what you create to do good and to help others.



  • Austin Wang
  • Prakash Ray
  • Kaitlyn Mirabella

Teaching Assistants

  • Meghan Sun
  • Caroline Bennison
  • Lindsay Greene
  • Simran Sidhu
  • Tanying Lin
  • Saurya Acharya
  • Swadha Rai
  • Sarika Simha
  • Anna Snyder
  • Emily Yang
  • Mia Uitz
  • Christina Chmielewski

Activity Committee

  • Emma Drew
  • Miki Seibert
  • Rae Maszer
  • Arja Kaushal

Public Outreach Committee

  • Amitla Vannikumar
  • Caroline Glazier
  • Ann Marie Piekelniak



Faculty Advisor

Name: Cynthia
Position: Faculty Advisor
What I love About CS: