Break is just around the corner, you’re so excited to get on your computer and spend hours upon hours googling how to build the new program or website you can envision. Maybe it’s a program that will auto-send emails for you so you don’t have to – or better yet a robot that will bring you refills of popcorn during the epic movie marathon you’ve got planned…

Either way, there are a lot of really great resources out there so that you can continue learning programming. At the end of the day, coding is a self-taught subject. I’ve found that professors and instructors can talk coding at you all day long, but the real learning experiences comes from making big mistakes, crashing your program, and the amazing feeling of having it run the way you want it to for the first time.

Here are a few great places you can spend some time learning more in-depth programming over break if you’d like:

Google Code Jam

The Google Code Jam is an online coding competition where you’ll need to create algorithms in response to specific programming scenarios given to you. The best part is – if you get far enough the top 150 participants get a PAID trip to California in May! It’ll definitely be challenging, but that’s half the fun! I’d recommend downloading Anaconda (a Python developing platform) and then get busy coding!

Google Python Class

The Google Python class is an online tutorial complete with lectures and topics and is a great curriculum to follow along with. It’ll help you make sure your foundations in Python are solid so that you can go on to create and build programs and applications of your own. There’s even a great YouTube playlist of recorded lectures so you can listen to someone explaining each concept step-by-step. If you’re someone who love structure then this is your guide to becoming a Python expert!